Happy Diwali!

We have been finding out about Diwali this week, which is a special time of year for some people of celebrate it. We have been investigating special items, such as Diva Lamps and have been learning about what people do to prepare for, and celebrate, Diwali. 

We have really enjoyed dressing up in the special Diwali clothes and having a Diwali party, as well as making our own Diva Lamps out of play dough. We have been making special Rangoli patterns, both on the computers as well as on paper. The other creative activity that we have really enjoyed doing is making our own Mendhi patterns on some hand templates. It has been really great using a whole host of different colours to create these lovely pieces of art. 

We have been learning about the story of Rama and Sita and have enjoyed acting it out in our small world, ensuring that Rama and the animals saved Sita from Ravana. 

It’s been lovely to see the children be so interested in stories and celebrations from different cultures and I hope they are telling you all about it. 

Happy Diwali, everyone!


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