Kinetic Letters

We have really been working hard during our Kinetic Letters lessons. We have been building up the strength in our bodies and hands, in preparation for us to begin writing with strength and control. 

We have been laying in our handwriting positions on the carpet; lying on our tummies with our legs and ankles glued together and holding ourselves up with our hands, so that our chests are up. We are really getting good at this and can already see a noticeable improvement in our upper body strength. 

We have also been practising our gross-motor movements, which is preparing us for writing specific letters by practising the actual movements of different letters. You can see us here getting ready for the “pull across” movement; where we hold our writing hand out to our side and pull across our bodies. This will help us with our abracadabra letters: c, a, d, g, q, o and s.

The other strength building exercise that we have been practising is holding ourselves up on our knees whilst completing a game.  You can see us here kneeling, ready to pass along the bean bag in a circle. Once the bean bag gets around the circle, we can all have a rest; so it’s important that we work as a team! 

We are improving so much in our strength exercises and are nearly ready to start writing! Stay tuned!  




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