#NPATEK Questions for Miles Connelly

Yesterday we watched a clip about behind the scenes of the Enchanted Kingdom, specifically focusing on recording of the elephants. After watching the short clip, the children came up with some questions to ask Myles Connolly (the producer of Enchanted Kingdom), who we are going to Skype on Friday as a whole school. He will answer some of these questions that the children came up with.
Below are the questions that the children came up with: 
Was it scary filming the elephants that close? (Tilly) 
Do they do the action first and then put it on a phone or tablet? (ryean) 
How much water did you have to drink and pour on yourselves to stay cool

 When recording the elephants? (Morgan) 
How did you put all the realms together and why did you choose the chosen seven realms? (Glen)
How many days did it take to record the elephants part of the film? (Emily G) 
How did they attach the camera to the car to record the elephants? (Lilly) 
How many days did it take to make the whole film? (Jacob) 
How many workers were there to record the elephants? (Violet) 
How many elephants do you think you saw? (Charlie) 
Was the film only filmed in Africa? (Spencer) 
Super questions about the recording of the elephants, well done reception. 

2 thoughts on “#NPATEK Questions for Miles Connelly

  1. I really like the enchanted kingdom topic because Africa is awesome. The producer makes good films. The scorched plains are very amazing and very boiling hot.

  2. Hi Simba Class. It sounds like you are having an amazing time exploring the Enchanted Kingdom in your topic! My new class the Cubs are also learning all about animals and we have just had an ugly bug ball! I hope you are all well and that you are enjoying your last few weeks in reception.

    Lots of best wishes to you all!
    Miss Cookson

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