E safety week 

This week is e safety week in school. We went into assembly and the Year 5 Digital leaders talked to us about safety when using the Internet. They introduced us to different scenarios and we had to decide what we should do. For example when on the Internet a character had a pop up saying that she had won a competition and needed to input their email address to claim the prize. We discussed that the children should always tell an adult if something pops up on screen.
Back in class we discussed what we know as technology. See the photo below for the things we think need programming.

We also discussed how we can stay safe. The children know that we should never use cameras to take photos of themselves, but should only use our class cameras to photograph their work. 
We discussed our class blogs and how the grown ups in school keep us safe. If a photo of a child is put onto the blog, then the child’s name is not added. If a child’s name is on the blog, then the photo will not include the child’s face. We looked at Gruffalo blog to find examples of this.
This then lead onto a discussion about having an avatar instead of a photo so strangers can not find us online. We looked at some avatars and then the year 6 children came down and set some avatars for the reception staff. 

At the moment the younger children in school use all of the technology in a safe and planned manner, but talking about e safety and starting to learn about it now will enable them to make educated judgements further up the school and also when they use technology at home. We used it as a reminder that we shouldn’t talk to strangers in the street, so we shouldn’t talk to strangers online either. 



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