#NPATEK Exciting explorers event!

We have had a very exciting afternoon…Mrs Fennelly came rushing into the reception area telling us that something had landed on the field, the children had some guesses of  what it could be…some said it was Lady Arrabella, Simon the knight, superhero coming to visit us early….

We then got called into the hall for an emergency assembly, the children were very excited as they knew it was about what was on the field, they were talking to each other about what it could be. 
When we arrived in the hall Mrs Fennelly  was standing at the front said to the children that a ‘neighbour had called the school to explain that something had landed In the trees’….Paul the site supervisor came rushing in with a parachute and a backpack on his back, he left a trail of mud and water all down the middle of the hall.
At the top of the bag was an envelope, the letter was read out to all the children in the hall, it stated that from the 1st June (so after half term) we are going to be exploring the Enchanted Kingdom and we all need to come dressed up as explorers on the Monday ready for the adventure. There was also a mobile phone number on the front of the envelope. 
We then opened the backpack to see what was inside, there was a variety of items that an explorer would use to give the children some ideas, these included:
A world map
Wind up torch 
Warm waterproof coat 
Sleeping bag 
Waterproof trousers 
A harness 
Walking and rock climbing shoes 
A map of Northampton 
We then phoned the number that was on the envelope, Mr Rees answered the phone, Mrs Fennelly was shocked to hear that it was him as were the children. She then explained what happened on the field and what we need to do next term.
This all sounds very exciting and we can’t wait to join in with the adventure that next term will bring. 
Get ready to be explorers to explore this Enchanted Kingdom! See your child’s key skills book to see what you can do over the half term break. 

13 thoughts on “#NPATEK Exciting explorers event!

  1. It’s definitely going to be a very exciting last term of school for our Reception children. Looking forward to seeing them dressed up after half term to start our adventure.
    Mrs Walton

  2. I like watching Dora the explorer, she finds things that people have lost using her friends and clues that she finds, she has a map that helps her to look.


    • Well done Chloe, she sounds likes a good explorer looking for clues and using a map. What sort of things does she find?

      Miss Lowe

  3. We went to the library and I found a book about Christopher Columbus, he was an explorer and sailed on the sea to find new places, he found America, he had lots of ships and men to help him, I think he used a very big map


    • Lovely research Charlie, when we come back to school, you can tell the class all about Christopher Columbus. Well done.

  4. I like to watch Andys Wild Adventures. He goes to lots of new places and finds lots of animals and dinosaurs. An explorer uses binoculars, a torch and a map to go on their adventures. Diego is also an explorer. They always have fun.

    • This is some lovely research Samuel, well done. When we come back to school you can share some of it with the class. Hope you are having a lovely half term holiday.

      Miss Lowe

  5. an explorer is someone who goes to new places to see what they can find. This week I have sailed across the sea to a different country called France. I have explored new beaches, forests, swimming pools and inside a submarine.

    Charlie Stinky Socks is an explorer because he rides a horse, he goes to different countries and finds treasure.

    • That sounds like you have done some lovely exploring yourself, when we come back to class you can tell them all about your time In France, do you have any pictures?

      Miss Lowe

  6. Christopher Columbus discovered America in 1492. It takes about 9 hours to fly to America but it took him two months on his ship.

  7. Explorers travel far and wide to new places where there could be enchanted kingdoms that need to be explored. They would take magnifying glass and binoculars with them.
    I like watching Indiana Jones as he explores jungles and caves and is always the hero.

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