Chinese New Year

Welcome back to the second half of the Spring Term, can you believe it is only five weeks until the Easter break and we will be two thirds of the way through Reception!

This week we have been learning about the Chinese New Year and have done lost of exciting Chinese themed activities such as trying Chinese food, making paper lanterns and having a go at Chinese writing. Tomorrow we will be learning Chinese ribbon and dragon dancing in PE. Look out on Tapestry to see some of the activities we have been doing.

It was lovely to see so many parents join us this morning to celebrate the end of our current topic by looking through some of the work we have done and we can’t wait to share all of the fabulous home learning projects that have been completed in the last few weeks over the next couple of days.

Next week we start our new topic ‘When a Knight Won his Spurs II’ and lots of exciting things will be happening so watch this space!

Miss Cookson and the reception Simba team.

37 thoughts on “Chinese New Year

  1. Sofia had really enjoyed dragon dance, as she was talking about it to her brother when she got home after school.

  2. I enjoyed plait spinning with the jester. I liked dressing up in my knights costume. What will we do tomorrow?

  3. I have really enjoyed the story so far of simon the knight and i hope He can complete his mission. I had great fun going to danes camp with my class.

    Jake xx

  4. Sofia really enjoyed swimming trip this morning. Coming home afternoon, she was chatting about trip with her brother. “More swimming” she said as soon as daddy arrived home. We will be definitely taking her again. Really nice from school organising this trip for children.

  5. I think Mrs Lutus has kidnapped Lady Arabella and taken her to a Chelsea Match. I hope they find her soon.
    I liked going swimming with my class friends too!

    • If she is at Chelsea match she will need saving, if she was at a Liverpool match that would be different though!!!!

      Miss Cookson

  6. I really hope that Simon rescues Lady Arabella from her jail soon. I am so excited to be star of the week. I had a good time at stay and play today with mummy we made an epic model out of a box, straws, tissue paper and lots of cellotape.

  7. Wow Simba class! It sounds like you had great fun learning about Chinese New year and I can’t wait for your next blog post. I hope your having fun with Miss Cookson. I had her in year 3. Well I hope you guys have a great Easter Holiday!

    – Lucy Moore

    • Gosh Lucy year 3 seems like such a long time ago now and I can’t believe all of you are all grown up in year 5! I will miss you all so much when I leave to go to my new school, you have all been so fantastic!

      Miss Cookson

    • Well done Aidan. I am looking forward to Easter too but sad that that is when I will been saying good bye to you all! Thank you for being so fantastic!

      Miss Cookson

    • At least you are better now Christopher and I’m sure you will get to wear your knight costume again on a day when you are well!

      Miss Cookson

  8. Elisio really enjoyed eating the Chinese food and has already told me to get him a Chinese take away. He also really enjoyed the plate spinning with the jester.

    • I’m so glad that Elisio enjoys the activities at school. His happy smiling face always lights up the classroom and brightens my day!

      Miss Cookson

  9. I loved learning all about the Medieval times and was very happy when lady Arabella was found. It was so much fun

    Chloe x

  10. I was happy that Sir Simon found Lady Arabella, I think he’s gone to find another lady now who needs his help because he’s a brave knight.
    It was lots of fun

    Charlie x

    • I’m glad you are enjoying the topic and hope you have a good day with your friends dressed as superheroes.

    • Hello Nitida,

      Sorry it has taken ages to reply, I have only just been able to access the blog.

      I hope you had a good time at the superhero picnic.

      Miss Lowe

    • That’s lovely to hear you are enjoying the superhero topic, I hope you are enjoying the superhero day with your friends in reception.

  11. Morgan has had lots of fun making he’s super hero car and can’t wait to show it to his class next week.

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