Home learning

Home learning books are coming home today. Please follow the guidance that is stuck inside the front cover of the book. Home learning books need to be brought into school every Wednesday and placed in the Simba class tray in the cloakroom.

Enjoy your home learning work!

Miss Cookson

23 thoughts on “Home learning

    • Hi Violet,

      I’m glad you are enjoying your home learning. Well done for getting started super quickly, fantastic effort!

      Have a lovely weekend, did you get snow in Northampton?

      Miss Cookson

  1. Hello simba class,
    This is my first time using this blog it looks lots of fun.
    I hope you are all having lots of fun this weekend.
    From Morgan x

      • Hi Simba class,

        Last weekend I went for a long bike ride with my daddy. I rode my new bike which I got from Father Christmas. I had lots of fun and I am growing in confidence every time I ride my bike.
        My daddy videoed me on my bike and we made a video together and put it on YouTube. Click on this link to watch our video we made.
        I hope you all like it.
        See you soon

        • Hi Morgan,

          Love your video!

          Well done for getting on the blog and completing your home learning task.

          See you tomorrow!

          Miss Cookson

  2. Hi it’s Nathaniel here, I have been practising my pink reading scheme letters. I am also looking forward to forward to forest school next week as I get to wear my new waterproof trousers all the way from Canada!!

    • Fantastic Nathaniel!

      Gosh, Forest school trousers from Canada, they will be certain to keep you really warm. Everyone has been saying how ‘cool’ your new jacket is too-did that also come from Canada?

      Miss Cookson

  3. Hi,

    This is the first time I have visited the simba blog and it’s very nice. I am very keen to do home learning.

    Pretina Lawrance.

  4. Hello Ms Cookson

    As soon as I opened the website with my mum’s help I spotted Mr Rees and then I spotted the Green Dragon. And I was happy to see that we are in the winning numbers for green dragon team. And then I found my Simba blog with Simba picture on it.

    I am excited to go on forest school tomorrow and will try more offen to come on my simba blog

    • Hi Edward,

      Josie told me all about Monty and showed me a picture on her phone, he is absolutely gorgeous! Did you know that my dog is also called Monty? He is a pug, I hope your Monty behaves better than mine does. My Monty jumped on the kitchen table this evening and licked all of the dinner plates-how naughty!

      Miss Cookson

  5. Ms Cookson. I am very excited to go for swimming tomorrow. It will be lot of fun.

    And few weeks back I had lots of fun when all the teachers splashed water on me when Simon was searching for lady Aribela

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