Phonics this week…

During phonics this coming week, we will be continuing to learn the Phase 2 sounds from sets one and two. We will be recapping s,a,t,p,i,n and learning the songs, actions and stories relating to m,d,g,o. We are going to use Phonic Bug books to read simple stories using these sounds and play some PhonicsPlay computer games on the Interactive Whiteboard.

At home you could play games with letter cards to make some of the below words:

s, a, t, p
at, a, sat, pat, tap, sap, as
it, is, sit, sat, pit, tip, pip, sip
an, in, nip, pan, pin, tin, tan, nap
am, man, mam, mat, map, Pam, Tim, Sam
dad, and, sad, dim, dip, din, did, Sid
tag, gag, gig, gap, nag, sag, gas, pig, dig
got, on, not, pot, top, dog, pop, Mog

Also, don’t forget to use the pink level reading book (the picture book) to reinforce the new sounds. For example, you could ask “Can you find something in the picture that begins with the letter d?

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

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