Coming soon…Tapestry online learning journals

Following our meetings last week, I know some parents are really eager to get onto Tapestry to view their child’s learning journal.

I’m pleased to say that our IT support have now set up all of your parental access and we will soon be sending out a letter to you to talk you through the login process. (We have only been able to add you to your child’s profile if you are registered with the school for ParentMail as these are the only email addresses we hold. If you are not registered with ParentMail, but would like to access Tapestry, please write down your name, your email address and your child’s name and hand it to the Reception class teachers.)

Each parent profile has been set up so that an email will be sent to you when an observation has been added to your child’s Learning Journal, so you may find you receive an email over the next couple of days before you have the letter regarding how to log in.

Once you have logged in for the first time, you can change your password and notification settings should you wish.

We are really looking forward to sharing your child’s school adventures with you and we hope that you will add comments and observations from home too.

The Reception Team

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