Morning routines, lunches next week, toys, car park

We are really pleased with how the children have settled into school life here at Simon de Senlis. Now that all of the children have started school, we would like to encourage them to become as independent as possible, therefore from Monday 29th September the expectation will be that children will be dropped off at the outer Reception door and they will come into the cloakrooms by themselves and put their things away independently. (Staff will be on hand to help/guide the children and receive any messages from you on the door).

You can begin to prepare your child for this prior to Monday by talking about the coming in routine and what will happen. For example “We will walk to the door together, I will give you a kiss goodbye and then you need to go into school and put your book bag in your drawer and your coat on your peg.”

Please also remember that the children stay for lunches next week, if you haven’t already signed up for hot dinners then you need to do this by the Wednesday BEFORE the hot dinner is needed, otherwise you will need to provide your child with a packed lunch. (Please refer to the hot dinners pack we gave you during Home Visits). Children will need to be collected from their classroom door at 1:15pm next week.

We have noticed that some children have been bringing personal toys to school with them. We would like to discourage this as we do not want the children to lose their own things, plus we have many lovely resources and planned activities in school that we are encouraging the children to interact with.

Also, we would like to make you aware that the school has a policy for use of the staff car park, which should only be used by staff and a few parents who have an agreement with the school and are usually Blue Badge holders. If you feel that you have a legitimate reason for driving into the school car park, then you will need to apply for a pass by completing the form which was sent in a ParentMail message to all Reception parents today.

Many thanks for your support in getting your children settled into school and we look forward to an exciting year ahead of us.

The Reception Team

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  1. Grace likes using the interactive technology in Simba class and talks about the ‘sound button’ being something she particular enjoys.

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