Meet the teacher evening/academy proposal meeting

Dear parents/carers,

the ‘Meet the teacher’ meetings tomorrow are for the parents of Year 1 to Year 6 pupils to attend so that they have the opportunity to find out about their child’s new teacher, routines and year group specific info.

We held this information sharing meeting with you prior to your children starting school and have also chatted with you about concerns, routines etc during our Home Visits. We are also available on a daily basis, at the classroom door, as you get more queries about your child settling into life at Simon de Senlis.

You are still welcome to attend the meeting if you are interested in seeing the Academy Presentation as advertised in the recent letter sent home.

We will, in the near future, be inviting you to attend another information session where we will give guidance about the teaching of Phonics and Kinetic Letters.

Hope this helps,
Emma Cookson

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