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Gosh Simba children, it’s been ages since we’ve had a post on the blog, you know Miss Cookson managed to lock herself out of the blog…oh dear! I’ve really enjoyed reading all of the comments posted on here, and look forward to posting lots of exciting reports, pictures and updates in the upcoming weeks.

In the last few weeks our keys kills work has started and this has really gained pace, well done for all of the excellent work that has been coming in every week on a Wednesday. Remember your big project (activity 5) is due in the first week back after the holiday and we cannot wait to see what you have made. I’ve already had a sneak peek at a few lovely pieces of artwork that have come in already, the standard has certainly been set high!

Miss Cookson

15 thoughts on “Return to blogging

  1. Ava liked doing her underwater picture and will look forward to seeing all the others after the school holidays.

    • Ava’s picture is spectacular, the reception staff are really looking forward to seeing all the finished pieces and putting them up on display.

  2. Aidan really enjoys his key skills work. He says his favourite task last term was playing catch and counting at the same time.

  3. “mummy i don’t want my picture or story going to school I want it in my bedroom” The key skills book worked great for Jessica and really helped with her handwriting

  4. hello miss Cookson

    I am off to baby Toby’s christening then we are going to the park for a picnic

    Maisie daddy Mia Lucy

  5. We have been planting some Rocket-Victoria today. I liked putting the soil in the tub and the seeds. From Benjamin

  6. Amber has been busy planting seeds for her class topic. She says “I can’t wait to show people my sunflowers”

  7. I have just helped my mummy with making the dinner, we had fish, carrots, potatoes & broccoli. It was yummy. From Kayla Walker

  8. I have been planting my seeds ready for activity 5 I’m excited for the to grow. I like playing on the yellow scooter at school.

  9. Ava is enjoying her pond at the new house. She ‘fishes’ in in with the net and hooks out all the leaves and bits that she finds. Grace and her refer to ‘tadpoles’ but they are just small wriggly water creatures. (we tried to post this earlier but had internet problems!)

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