Incy Wincy Spider

Aden was very excited playing in the outdoor area today, especially when he found one of our favourite rhyme characters in the HappyLand box. I think Incy Wincy was glad to escape from the box and scuttle off to find a nice dark corner to hide in-let’s hope he doesn’t get washed away with all the rain we are expecting later!

Here is the rhyme:

Incy Wincy Spider climbed up the spout,
Down came the rain and washed poor Incy out!
Out came the sunshine and dried up all the rain,
So Incy Wincy Spider climbed up the spout again!

Here is a picture of our Incy-can you find any of his friends at home, perhaps they may be hiding in your garage or shed? Remember, don’t touch, these beautiful creatures are very fragile.


Simba Class

19 thoughts on “Incy Wincy Spider

  1. Brandon found a spider in his bedroom, Brandon and his mummy very bravely got it to go on a book and put the spider outside

  2. Jessica loves spiders. We sometimes find them inside and we use a glass to take them outside so they don’t get hurt. Jessica has now changed her mind and said is scared of spiders.

    • Aimee found a spider in the bath right before bath time. We washed it down the plug hole but Aimee was convinced it was coming back up, even with the plug in. She still asks me about it now when she goes in the bath.

  3. Violet has been practising her number lines over the weekend using number Domino’s from a game, she has done fantastically well And has managed to do numbers 1 to 15 all on her own. We have taken a picture of this to show you all As soon as we have it printed violet will bring it in to school…

  4. Quinn says “I found a spider in my conservatory. He was black and has spider legs.
    He sang “spiders are tip toeing across the floor, across the floor, across the floor, spiders are tiptoeing across the floor, because it’s cold outside and it’s time for bed. Spider goodnight”

  5. Aidan spotted a spider on our rug this morning. He said it was crawling and called Mummy to get rid of it! He just sang the incy wincy spider song, and wanted to say “Spiderman”!

  6. yesterday I visit my cousin. my uncle Costi saw something on the carpet. without knowing what it was he just picked it up and after that he realised that was a big spider.

  7. In my house sometimes i see a spider. Me and my daddy don’t like spiders, we call my mummy to scare the spiders away.

  8. When I see a spider I scream “DADDYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!” And when mummy sees a spider she screams “DADDDYYYYYY!!!” And when daddy comes running to see the spider he says “is that it!!!” And puts the spider outside.

  9. Nico: I don’t like spiders !! One day a spider fell from the curtain on my arm and frightened me. Thanks to my brave dad we managed to get him in to the garden 🙂

  10. Benjamin said that he saw lots of little red spiders in the playground today – eek – we don’t like spiders!! X

  11. I pick up baby spiders but don’t like the big ones.
    Our cats, Tiggy and Smoky, like to chase and play with spiders.

    • Cats are so funny when they are chasing spiders aren’t they?! My little pug, Monty also likes to chase spiders but if they chase him he runs away! Miss Cookson

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