What a busy week we have had exploring Bonfire Night and Diwali, the children enjoyed lots of exciting activities including making rockets, dressing up in traditional Indian clothing and making a huge 3D bonfire art project in the outdoor area.

We are continuing to work on our numbers, particularly focusing on matching the correct numerals 0-10 and beyond to sets of objects. The children have also learnt the new sounds e, u and r and have the next set of yellow sound cards in their book bags to learn. Quite a few children are now blending CVC words and have their first word books to read-what an exciting milestone! I wonder how many of us will have our word books by Christmas? Make sure you practise building, sounding out and blending to read CVC words at home such as pat, mat, cat, sit, pin, den, peg, pig, dug etc. When the children can do this independently they will be ready for word books.

In the upcoming week we will be focusing on the celebrations we might have around our birthdays. What do you enjoy doing to celebrate your birthday? Perhaps you could bring in a photo or two of a recent birthday celebration that you or a family member enjoyed.

Have a lovely weekend everyone!

Miss Cookson and the Simba Class and Reception team

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