What’s around the corner…?

Hello Simba class! I hope you have all had a wonderful if a little breezy holiday! What have you all been up to? I’ve been to Dartmoor and enjoyed some lovely walks even in the wind and rain.

Term 2 is just a day away and we will be looking at festivals all through the coming weeks, kicking off with bonfire night this week. Have any of you been to a fireworks display or even had some at home? What was it like? Perhaps you could bring in a photo of your experience or draw a picture of the fireworks in the sky. Remember we must stay safe around fireworks, do you think you could share the firework safety code with your classmates-perhaps you could learn it?

November 5th is an important date and the reason we might have some fireworks-can you find out why? People who are Hindu and Sikh might also be celebrating with fireworks in the next few days, can you find out about this?

Have a wonderful last day of your half term and I can’t wait to see you all and hear your news on Monday!

Miss Cookson

3 thoughts on “What’s around the corner…?

  1. Libby learnt to ride her bike without stabalizers over the holidays and we were very proud of her. She also had sparklers at her nannys house with her cousins. Libby said we must be careful around fire!

  2. Quinn enjoyed his half term. We carved pumpkins, had a Halloween tea party and visited family.
    Quinn didn’t want to stand outside to watch the fireworks this year because he said they were too loud. Instead we all went to watch the Milton Keynes firework display at his Grandmas and Grandpas’s house. We enjoyed watched them from the window with a nice cup of hot chocolate.

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