Reading books

Simba class are bringing home their first reading books today. Each book is a picture book and you can focus on telling a story together and maybe spotting items in the pictures that start with ‘s’, ‘a’, ‘t’ or ‘p’. The children have sound cards to practise their letter sounds and names and a red home school book where you can record the children’s reading. Each week we will place a sticker in the red book to explain activities that can be done at home to support the children’s learning.

Miss Cookson

10 thoughts on “Reading books

  1. Violet has enjoyed her week at school singing new songs, learning new sounds and eating school dinners with the other children. Bringing her first reading book home has made her feel very grown up . To show me how she is getting on with her new sounds she has done some collage pictures to show you all , I hope you like them . Thank you all for making Violets first few weeks such fun , here’s to many more thanks again Simba Class

    • I’m glad Violet is enjoying life in Reception Simba, she is a super member of our class-keep up the hard work!

      Miss Cookson

  2. I remember when I was in reception after a piece of work I did I would always tell the people who hadn’t finished “I finished before you ha ha ha ha ha!!!” heres a tip
    (never do what I did)

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