A round up of the week…

What another busy week we have had and we have got through a lot of activities. Here is a round up of this week’s work and a look ahead to next week…

This week we have practised our sounds ‘s’ and ‘a’ and learnt 2 new ones ‘t’ and ‘p’. The children are bringing their first reading books home today and they have these sounds to practise.

We have learnt all about the character of Simba, we made lion biscuits in cookery and we have been watching his story in ‘The Lion King’.

We have been practising writing our names, really focusing on forming each letter correctly.

We have been looking at our numbers 1-10, recognising them and counting up to each number accurately.

We have been joining the whole school for playtime and we have learnt our lunchtime routine.

Next week we will learn some more letter sounds and names, continue to practise our numbers and work on developing our independence. Try if you can to put all of your things away on your own in the morning and then you can have your stickers for your target certificates.

Have a fantastic weekend everyone!

Miss Cookson and the Simba Class and Reception team.

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