A prickly surprise!

What a great surprise we have had this morning in reception when we discovered a hedgehog in a banana box outside our lobby door. We found him asleep and we learnt how hedgehogs are nocturnal meaning that they come out at night and sleep in the daytime. He did eventually poke his nose out to say a quick hello before curling tightly into a ball and going back to sleep.

What else can you find out about hedgehogs Simba class? Why do they have prickles? What do they eat? What types of homes do they live in?


10 thoughts on “A prickly surprise!

  1. Hello Miss Cookson, Libby loved seeing the hedgehog, we had a look at why they have prickles and its for protection, When threatened, the hedgehog rolls up into a ball with spikes sticking out in all directions. Spikes act as shock absorbers in case the hedgehog falls and are known to be flexible, sharp and strong,

    • Fantastic research, I never knew that the prickles could help the hedgehog from getting hurt if it fell-amazing creatures!

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